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Ideas to decorate your home in times of quarantine

Property newsare living in difficult times, an unexpected and extreme health situation worldwide. The only thing we can do with her is to be prudent and supportive, not to go out more than what is established and since we are, why not, enjoy that extra time at home.

A good decoration adapted to your tastes always helps to create a comfortable environment . Today this is more important than ever. Spending a lot of time in the same place, especially if it is not your own choice, can create stress, nervousness, claustrophobia, mood swings, … That is why, now more than ever, it is essential that your home is a welcoming space and that you make you feel at ease .

In this article I want to give you some ideas to help your houses become homes . A small grain of sand so that the ceiling does not come down on you, helping us with the decoration and some psychological trick.

Let’s get to work guys, let’s get out of this.

Extra cleaning

With a box, old drawer or planks that we have at home, we can build a perfect corner to leave our shoes at the entrance. With this shoe holder we not only add an original touch to the hall, but we also add more cleanliness to the house . Don’t forget how important good hygiene is these days, so much so that it can save lives.

Organization of tasks and schedules

Surely you have somewhere some kind of blackboard or some folios or notebooks failing that. Place them in a strategic place at home and write on them. In one part, you can make a task organizer; that having a lot of free time does not mean wasting it . Make a schedule for certain moments of the day, both for things you like like watching a movie, and for things you don’t, like cleaning. So you will feel that your day to day is somewhat more structured (sometimes this is good  in Blue World City…).

Also (or especially) for children

If you have little ones at home , let them share the idea. Also suggest that they draw on the blackboards or the sheets. Add tasks for them and have them add them for the adults . Very constructive ideas can come out of this initiative, such as “reading a book together.” You can also leave messages of encouragement or even jokes for each other .

Having a garden is always lucky but today it is the most of the most. Click on this link to see these original ideas for your terrace or garden and take advantage of what you can!

Order in sight

Take baskets, baskets or anything to store that can be hung on the wall. In this way you will not remove space from the floor of the room and everything will be more collected. The sense of order helps a lot to have a relaxed state of mind and also collecting and organizing will have you entertained.

Your own corner

Creating a corner to relax and take “time out” can be a very good idea. By this I mean that you can have a small space at home where you can take refuge in the low hours. Where to go when we are overwhelmed or overwhelmed. It is also a good idea to use it when we are more than one at home to have some time alone . It can be used for reading, for relaxation or yoga, or simply for sitting, breathing and nothing else.