The US Encirclement of Russia

From Lenin’s Communism (which didn’t work); issues with Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov, the Cold War; Chernobyl (the most noticeably awful atomic reactor debacle ever); and the present apparently shakedown over gas and oil; shows that Russia is alright with ridiculous activities and refusal to Russian Visa Support work with different countries to make earth a superior spot to live.

Secondary school classes in financial aspects encourage that socialism is an incapable type of government that fizzles since it kills the activity of the individuals. In Russia apparently being a dinner power is unquestionably more significant than thinking about its residents. To the Russian government a trademark ‘world harmony’ is less significant than the motto ‘down with America and the West’.

Vladimir Lenin was the principal Premier of the Soviet Union (1917). Joseph Stalin became General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party in 1922 and his arrangements and initiative depended on Marxist-Leninist philosophy. He changed Russia from a country dependent on farming to a worldwide superpower. Some compose that Stalin was in a roundabout way or legitimately answerable for the passing of a great many Russians.

Nikita Khrushchev’s administration (1953-1964) built up the Warsaw Pact to counter the apparent danger from NATO. He drove the Soviet space program that dispatched Sputnik 1. He assumed a huge part in organization of rockets in Cuba, causing the Cuban rocket emergency. He at that point protected the development of the Berlin Wall in 1961.